Izzy Cannell

Izzy is an Associate land use planner who works on comprehensive plans, shoreline master programs and environmental review projects. She helps local governments with analysis, policy development, community engagement, and the local adoption process. Prior to BERK, Izzy worked for a local government planning department at one of the nation’s largest Metropolitan Planning Organizations. In Ketchum, Idaho, Izzy helped with the community outreach element of the city’s Comprehensive Plan update, completed a sustainability audit of the municipal code, and rewrote regulations. Izzy received an honors B.A. in environmental policy from Hamilton College and her Master in City Planning with a concentration in Land Use and Environmental Planning from the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Design.


Born in Maine and raised in the mountains of Idaho, Izzy has a love for dramatic natural landscapes. She thinks of herself as outdoorsy but a bit urban, which makes Seattle’s sea-meets-mountains setting her perfect playground. After graduating with her Masters, Izzy was ready to return to the Northwest. She can’t wait to explore all the neighborhoods, restaurants, running races, and ski slopes that the area has to offer.