City of Ellensburg

Housing Needs Assessment

The City of Ellensburg hired BERK to conduct a housing needs assessment in support of its 2017 Comprehensive Plan Update. The purpose of this study was to assess the market potential for meeting the housing needs of four priority groups: university students, low income families, senior and disabled persons, and the local workforce. BERK began with an analysis of demographic trends and housing market conditions, then facilitated two separate workshops with local stakeholders. The first workshop engaged local developers and homebuilders. The second engaged public and non-profit housing actors. BERK also interviewed local property managers, landlords, real estate professionals, as well as housing developers working outside of the area. The final report weaves quantitative and qualitative findings to paint a nuanced picture of Ellensburg’s affordability challenges and presents recommended strategies for addressing housing needs.

The Final Report is available online here.

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