City of Snohomish

IMAGINE SNOHOMISH: Promoting Vitality and Preserving Character & Strategic Plan Update

From 2006 to 2011, the City of Snohomish was managed according to the goals and aspirations of its first Strategic Plan, created by BERK and guided by a Planning Committee. With the expiration of this first document, BERK was asked to facilitate an update of the Plan. The new Strategic Plan and accompanying tools will guide the City’s budget setting and work planning for the next five years according to the Vision and priorities established by the Planning Committee, community members, and City Council. The Vision articulates lasting aspirations for the future of Snohomish, which are addressed through eight Initiatives that will be the City’s priority focus areas for 2014-18. The Plan articulates desired outcomes and establishes a series of tools that will be used by City Council, staff, and community members to manage implementation in a flexible and realistic manner. Soon after the Plan was adopted unanimously by Council, BERK facilitated a Council retreat to establish the workplan for the first year of implementation.