City of Tumwater

Strategic Plan(2010-14): Achieving a Vibrant, Livable, and Sustainable Future

In close collaboration with the Mayor and City Manager, BERK facilitated the City Council through a strategic planning process that addressed multiple complex issues, including the scale and character of desired future economic development and the City’s role in facilitating investment in the community. The Strategic Plan establishes a Vision for the future of the Tumwater community and details short- and longer-term Goals and Strategies to achieve that Vision.

BERK designed and facilitated a parallel economic development planning process with a Citizens Advisory Committee. The Economic Development Plan adheres to the direction established in the Strategic Plan and includes fiscal and market analysis to support the long-term financial sustainability of the City. The Strategic and Economic Development Plans were unanimously adopted by the City Council and are used to guide the ongoing priorities of the City Council and other boards and commissions, the work of City staff, and the City’s annual budget-setting process.