City of Yakima

Comprehensive Plan Update 2017

BERK is working collaboratively with the City of Yakima and leading a multi-disciplinary team in its periodic update of the Comprehensive Plan. BERK has developed a project logo and multi-lingual outreach materials, and facilitated visioning outreach. A new Vision Statement and Yakima’s Top 21 demographic, growth, and infrastructure trends are informing a new set of Plan elements. BERK and team have prepared an audit of the existing plan, developed a growth capacity and existing conditions analysis, updated the Plan elements in a graphic-rich and streamlined manner, reviewed development regulations. The Plan will be supported with an integrated EIS. BERK is helping Yakima tackle relevant issues in plans and policies, such as addressing demographic and growth trends, increasing housing choices, integrating revenue projections and concepts of equity in capital planning, and a focus on new neighborhood infill.

Yakima Comp Plan cover