Michael Hodgins

Michael is a Principal and the firm’s Finance + Economics practice manager. He specializes in financial, economic and policy studies, including urban land economics, market analysis, growth management issues, fiscal impact and feasibility studies for transportation and development projects, municipal fiscal analyses, and revenue and expenditure forecasting. He is a trusted advisor to many senior managers and elected officials working in state and local agencies. Prior to joining BERK in 1992, Michael was a financial analyst with Gannett Fleming. He holds a B.A. in Economics from the University of British Columbia and a Certificate in Commercial Real Estate from the University of Washington.


A dual US/Canadian citizen, Michael is interested in mid-century modern architecture, furniture, and design. He works many weekends on his circa 1958 house, one room at a time. He is an avid cyclist who finds that training helps him stay one-step ahead of his energetic kids, Brennan and Devon, at least for a bit longer. He also plays a role in the family wine business, OS Winery.