King County Housing Authority

Education Initiative

BERK is helping the King County Housing Authority (KCHA) coordinate the comprehensive provision of housing, academic, and social service supports to its resident families. The goal of the Initiative is to help children and youth to overcome the existing educational achievement gap and be better positioned for success in school and later in life. This coordination of services is specific to the demographic makeup and needs of the population living within defined catchment areas surrounding multiple KCHA properties.

White Center. BERK is leading demographic and academic data collection and analysis and facilitating the development of a coordinated action plan between schools and community-based partners.

Kent East Hill. BERK designed and implemented outreach and learning engagement strategies to connect with and better understand the needs and desires of the diverse populations that live within the Kent East Hill area, including many immigrant and refugee families.

Bellevue. Following demographic and academic data collection and analysis, BERK will share the results with the school district and community partners. We will then develop and implement action strategies to improve the educational outcomes of the children living in subsidized housing