Kitsap CFP Cover FINAL

Kitsap County

Urban Growth Area Sizing and Composition Remand

The project examined how to reduce or reconfigure approximately eight urban growth areas (UGAs) to meet a decision by the Central Puget Sound Growth Management Hearings Board (CPSGMHB). The CPSGMHB required that the County re-examine its UGAs, focusing on two key questions: 1) What is an appropriate minimum urban density in Kitsap County? and 2) What density should Kitsap use when calculating the amount of urban land necessary to accommodate population growth through 2025? BERK prepared a growth trends analysis to help answer these questions. BERK also prepared 2010, 2018, and 2025 countywide (urban and rural) population estimates at small analysis zones to support land use, public service and capital facility planning. BERK managed the preparation of a Supplemental EIS addressing three UGA and land capacity alternatives. BERK led the update to Kitsap County’s Capital Facilities Plan (CFP) addressing a new six-year period, and demonstrated an ability to serve growth through the year 2025 within new UGA boundaries.