City of Bremerton

Gorst Creek Watershed Plan, Gorst Subarea Plan and Planned Action EIS

As part of a larger consultant team, BERK is supporting efforts by the City of Bremerton and Kitsap County, as well as Tribal, federal, and state agencies, to promote sustainable growth, restoration, and protection activities in the Gorst Creek watershed. BERK’s role is to facilitate the development of the watershed framework plan, UGA subarea plan and regulations, and a planned action EIS. The Watershed Plan includes guiding principles and a planning framework that identifies areas of development, restoration, and protection. The effort also includes a Gorst Urban Growth Area Subarea Plan intended to establish a cohesive vision for a livable district and to encourage investment. A Planned Action EIS and permit pathways with tailored best management practices are intended to facilitate desired growth and restoration.

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