Office of Financial Management

Analysis of Statewide Adult Correctional Needs and Costs

The Washington State Legislature directed the Office of Financial Management to conduct an analysis of statewide adult correctional needs, including how operational costs are incurred among local governments and barriers and solutions for the use of local jail beds in lieu of prison beds. Reasons for the study included county and regional jails looking for ways to address funding gaps due to extra capacity in some jails and the State Department of Corrections anticipating needing 1,000 medium security prison beds by 2020.

BERK partnered with Anne Pflug, Campbell Consulting and Joplin Consulting to explore the feasibility of collaboration between DOC and local entities to most efficiently meet detention and program needs across the state. Several methods, both quantitative and qualitative, were employed to answer the study questions and develop recommendations, including site visits, interviews, data analysis, a literature review and a survey inventory of jails.