Kevin Ramsey, PhD

Kevin is a Senior Associate specializing in demographic analysis, housing needs assessment, land use forecasting, and GIS. He has experience working with local governments and community stakeholders to assess complex challenges and evaluate strategies for pursuing sustainable and equitable development. Kevin draws on his academic training to design nuanced studies to inform difficult policy questions such as how to address housing affordability challenges without putting existing residents at greater risk of displacement.

Prior to joining BERK, Kevin worked for the U.S EPA’s Smart Growth Program where he led and advised the development of geospatial data and tools to support local planning and policy making. Examples include the Smart Location Calculator, Location Affordability Portal, and Healthy Communities Assessment Tool. Kevin has published research in peer reviewed journals and earned a PhD in Geography from the University of Washington.


Kevin is always looking for an excuse to get outside. Favorites include biking to work in all weather conditions, playing ultimate (frisbee), hiking in the mountains, kayaking on Puget Sound, leading the neighborhood walking school bus, exploring a new and unfamiliar city, or climbing trees with his two kids.