Kevin Ramsey, PhD

Kevin is a senior policy analyst specializing in demographic analysis, land use forecasting, housing needs assessment, and GIS. He works with communities to assess challenges and evaluate strategies for pursuing sustainable development. Prior to joining BERK, Kevin worked for the U.S EPA’s Smart Growth Program. There he provided technical assistance to local communities, developed indicators for measuring sustainable community development, and created the Smart Location Database, a nationwide GIS data resource measuring over 90 built environment and destination accessibility characteristics at the neighborhood scale. He also worked with the U.S Departments of Transportation and Housing and Urban Development through the Partnership for Sustainable Communities to more effectively coordinate policies, resources, and investments to support local initiatives. Kevin has published research on the use of GIS to support collaboration, urban environmental politics, and market trends. He has a PhD in Geography from the University of Washington.


Kevin is always looking for an excuse to get outside. Favorites include biking to work in all weather conditions, playing ultimate (frisbee), hiking in the mountains, kayaking on Puget Sound, leading the neighborhood walking school bus, exploring a new and unfamiliar city, or climbing trees with his two kids Natalia and Alexander.