Snohomish County

Environmental Impact Statement of the Proposed Shoreline Management Program

BERK assessed the economic effects of proposed alternatives as part of an environmental impact statement for Snohomish County’s Shoreline Management Program. Given resource limitations, a detailed analysis of the potential effects of proposed rule changes on all affected properties was not possible. However, we developed an efficient solution that allowed decision makers to have a complete picture of the nature of the economic effects.

Our approach included developing a series of illustrative examples of the effects of the proposed rule changes on specific types of properties, and throughout Snohomish County’s economy. For each example, we assessed the types of effects that accompanied each alternative by property type (urban residential, commercial, agricultural, and rural residential). The goal of the analysis was to assess the nature and distribution of economic effects on properties, the immediate community, the local jurisdiction, the County, and finally, the broader Puget Sound region and the State.