Washington State Department of Public Health

Foundational Public Health Services – Phase 1

BERK worked with the Washington State Department of Health (DOH) and the Public Health Improvement Partnership (PHIP) as part of a multi-year process to define and cost foundational public health services in Washington State. BERK conducted research and a literature review to support PHIP in refining its definition of foundational programs and capabilities. BERK then developed an assumption-based model to estimate the cost of these services. BERK conducted data collection and stakeholder interviews to gather a sample of cost estimates from current service provides. The cost model scaled the sample up to a statewide estimate based on program- and capability-specific assumptions of cost structures to estimate the total cost of providing the foundational public health services statewide. BERK’s model also broke down estimated costs by current revenue sources to help PHIP move toward its ultimate goal of identifying a sustainable funding framework for foundational public health services.