Washington State Legislature Joint Transportation Committee

Fare Media Study

The purpose of the study was to recommend the best-fit fare media and fare structure to support interoperability with Good To Go! and potential new technologies and implementation of Washington State Ferries’ (WSF) vehicle reservation system. It also considered legislative goals around fare setting such as demand management, ferry customer needs, and simplification. BERK analyzed WSF’s current fare structure, fare media, payment systems, and level of interoperability and described the rationale, history, and legislative direction behind each component. Our assessment also included analysis of ridership and revenue trends and discussed how pricing and fare structure relate to the composition of WSF’s customer base.

BERK and the consultant team worked with the Transportation Commission on a survey to assess household use of fare media and interest in interoperability options. We also developed white papers on Interoperability, Fare Media, and Fare Structure to identify options and implementation costs, customer impacts, and impacts to WSF systems and operations.