Washington State Legislature Joint Transportation Committee

Efficiencies in the Delivery of Transportation Funding and Services to Local Governments

In Washington, transportation funding and services are delivered to local government by four agencies: the Transportation Improvement Board; the County Road Administration Board; the Freight Mobility Strategic Investment Board; and the Highways and Local Programs division of the Washington State Department of Transportation. Following a proposal to consolidate the four agencies, BERK was asked to describe and evaluate the operations and service delivery of the four agencies. As part of the study, BERK facilitated meetings of a Policy Work Group with legislators and representatives from the Governor’s Office and a Technical Work Group composed of agency directors, legislative staff, and key stakeholders.

The final report to the Legislature made recommendations regarding each agency’s provision of technical, regulatory, and funding assistance; management, governance, and organizational structure; and opportunities to streamline operations and increase efficiencies while meeting local governments’ needs.